Wanna Be In The Online PC?

Okay, so do you wanna be in The Online Pretty Committee (TOPC)?  Well, it’s not going to be easy.  You will have to prove that you are alpha-worthy or beta-worthy to be RPing in TOPC (The Online Pretty Committee).  These are the different parts you can try out for:







Olivia Ryan

Meena (Layne’s Friend)

Heather (Layne’s Friend)

Please send me an e-mail answering these questions at: xosummerof10@yahoo.com.

1) How many books from The Clique Series have you read?  Be hawnest!

2)  Do you have a website/blah-g/YouTube Channel/And Other Form Of Internet Communications?

3)  Have you seen The Clique Movie?  Be hawnest!

4)  What character do you want to be?  Why?

5)  Age/grade? (Don’t worry, I’m nawt a stalker!)

6)  Why do you think you are alpha enough and/or beta-worthy to RP one of these characters?

7)  What is your favorite part of my blah-g?

Luh-v you.


PS – I am nawt sure if I am going to be Massie yet.  I am going to see how many applicants I get before I decide who gets what part.

If anyone is interested in trying out for these parts, please send me an e-mail at xosummerof10@yahoo.com answering these questions.  Also, if anyone has a question, you can e-mail me or leave me a comment. Thanks!




14 Responses to Wanna Be In The Online PC?

  1. massie5tpc says:

    Hey, I actually already started a Massie Blog, so I guess it would make sense if I tried out for Massie! This sounds like fun!! :)


  2. Rae says:

    Are you still taking apps?

  3. I’m an Alicia Rivera Already. You’ve seen my blawg, it’s fabulous!

    So I can Try Out For Your Alicia :) But the only thing is… I already have a wonderful PC. & Since this is only a ‘online pc’ I don’t mind doing both…..

    The only thing is..Do you mind?
    Let me know AY-SAP so then i can send the email!


  4. Massie Block says:

    This “TOPC” doesn’t sound so bad. I might just join, and since I’m the best of the best I think I’d be the perfect Massie, no? Expect my application.

    – Massie Block.

  5. edare1 says:

    wow. i seem like the perf. fit 4 kristen. my apps on the way!!! :D

  6. edare1 says:

    when will we know if we got the part??

  7. MissBeautie says:

    i sent an app!

    xoxo, blair

  8. lol. Didnt see this page. :D

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