What you have been waiting for …

You are now officially welcome to

The Online Pretty Committee

Made By ThePrettyCommitteeAlpha

Massie Block (Me)


Dylan Marvil

http://www.aliceloveschanel.wordpress.com (OOC)

Alicia Rivera

www.vicotirepagee.wordpress.com (OOC)
I am waiting to hear back from her to see when she can have her Alicia blah-g done!
I am waiting to hear back from her to see when she can have her Alicia e-mail done!

Kristen Gregory


Kuh-laire Lyons.

Calling awl Kuh-laires.  We need one ASAP – if you know anyone or you are a Kuh-laire, send me an application (ThePrettyCommitteeAlpha) at xosummerof10@yahoo.com.  See http://www.theonlineprettycommittee.wordpress.com for further details on the app.


Massie Block

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OMG! I had 79 views today! And counting!

OMG, I had 79 views today! And still more to come!  It’s a record for my blah-g, and hopefully I will have more views to come!  And subscribers!  I have no clue to check if I have any subscribers … if anyone knows how, leave a comment and tell me please!  But, I am sure I don’t have many subscribers, so please subscribe!  Leave a comment saying you subbed and I will subscribe back.

Oh, and a new page is on the way!  Keep checking back for more updates on TOPC and more pages!



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Update on The Online Pretty Committee

Hey girlies(:

I know that there has been a lot of confusion about TOPC (The Online Pretty Committee).  So, this post is to clarify anything that anyone has questions about.  If you have further questions, e-mail me or leave a comment if you do nawt mind it being public.

I am nawt sure who I am going to be in TOPC.  I want to get all of the application forms sent in and decide who the applicants are first.  I was hoping on being Massie (with my theofficialmassiekurr account, http://officialmassieblockblahg.wordpress.com/).  But, I am going to wait for all the application forms first before I decide.

Okay, this is how TOPC is going to work.  This blah-g is basically going to be the home base of The Pretty Committee.  Each member should have their own separate blah-g like a regular PC.

I am still waiting to see if I get more applications, so please tell people if you know if they would be interested!  I really want there to be a lot to chose from so there is no one getting the part automatically.

And lastly, if you want to quit TPC, you must tell me three days in advance.



PS – I am live on Meebo today!

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Talk To Me!

Hi girlies! I am sure that everyone noticed the Meebo chat box on the side of every page. There, you can talk to me (live!) whenever I am online. But, I decided that I am going to have a set date this week, Wednesday July 14th from 5-7 pm. I will not be talking to people the entire time but I will have a status message of when I would be back to chat (I would not be gone for more than 20 minutes). So, make sure that you come on tomorrow from 5-7 pm to talk to me! I will try to answer as many messages as possible.



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Take the Poll!

Hi girlies! Take this poll that I made!

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Massie’s Current State of the Union is Updated!

Hi everyone!  Massie Block’s CSOTU is now updated.  I added a new post on Friday, so you should be able to see it.  Also, I was re-reading These Boots Are Made For Stalking and I found a part that related to Saturday, July 3rd’s entry.  Here is what I read relates to:

Looking Preppy

Even though TPC looks preppy in the movie, Massie does look boho-chic at times in the book. She doesn’t always stick with the same look, a girl’s gotta mix it up once in a while!

Ohkay, so I was reading the part where TPC was waiting outside of Bark Jacobs (Landon Crane’s mom’s dog store) to buy Bark (Landon’s dog) a get well gift.  Lisi Harrison (the author of The Clique Series, for those LBR’s who don’t know) described Massie’s outfit that she wore to Bark Jacobs:

Massie had gotten up a full hour before the rest of the girls to give herself plenty of prep time.  Just because she hadn’t made the best impression on Landon last night didn’t mean that she couldn’t impress his mom this morning. In crisp dark denim, an ivory cashmere tee, and her new French Connection cropped boyfriend jacket, Massie was the poster child for casual chic. Plus, her velvet Miu Miu ballet flats were leather-free, which practically screamed, I would never hurt an animal on purpose!  Not even for fashion!

I was so shocked when I read this paragraph in the book because I had just blah-gged about it!  I was so excited to post that, because it was something that Massie actually wore (in the book) that I could use an example as for a casual-chic outfit!



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Other Blah-g!

Hi girlies! It’s a short post today…

Guess what?  I have another blah-g!  It is a Massie Block blah-g, and I am going to use that account to be Massie in TOPC.  I have gotten more applications for TOPC, one for Alicia or Skye and one for Dylan.  So, I need Claire and Kristen to apply!  If you know anyone, let me know!



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