Massie’s Current State of the Union

Okay, so are you a total LBR and have absolute NO CLUE of what’s IN and OUT? Well, then you have come to the right blah-g! Here, you will get what’s IN and OUT, or as I would say, DO and DON’T. If Massie Block wouldn’t do it, then you shouldn’t! This page can toe-dally help you if you have been doing the “DON’Ts”.

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010.


Draw-String Purses

Draw String Purses toe-dally complete the casual and relaxed look! You don’t want to be looking too preppy this summer lugging a huge, preppy purse around with you!

Looking Casual

You want to be stylish and casual while hanging out with your BFFS this summer! PS – Look at the Gladiator Sandals! Toe-dally in :)

Loose & Wavy Hair

A tousled beach look will toe-dally complete the casual look this summer!


Huge tote bags

You don’t want to be carrying around a huge Juicy tote this summer in the heat!

Looking Preppy

Even though TPC looks preppy in the movie, Massie does look boho-chic at times in the book. She doesn’t always stick with the same look, a girl’s gotta mix it up once in a while!

Tight curls

They were never in. End of story.

What do you think about today’s CSOTU (Current State of the Union)? Leave a comment of what you think!



Friday, July 9th, 2010


A Stripe Pattern Against a Floral Pattern

Stripes against floral is in this season!  Check out deLiA*s to check out high-waisted skirts and loose tees that are floral and striped.  Victoria’s Secret (PINK) had really cute sundresses that were floral too, I bought one! :)

Ray-Ban Glasses

You need to protect your eyes this summer!  With Ray-Bans, you can look ah-dorable!  They come in Aviator, too, I think the ones in the picture are classic.  You can buy them at Nordstroms, around $130 each in a variety of sizes and colors.

Neon Nail Polish

You want your nails to look ah-dorable at the beach and pool, right?  Well, neon nail polish is just an essential for the summer.  No one wants bare nails while swimming!  People will see your nails and toenails more often during the summer, because they are more exposed when swimming or wearing flip flops.


Brown Bathing Suits

Brown bathing suits were SO two summers ago!  They are only your last resort when you don’t have any more bathing suits to wear to the beach or pool.  Neon bathing suits are in style this summer; you can spot your friends anywhere from the beach!

Big Sunglasses

Here, Nicole Richie is wearing huge, bug-looking sunglasses.  These were IN last summer, but Ray Bans and smaller glasses are better for this summer.  You don’t want someone hitting you with a fly swatter thinking you are a bug.

Chipped Nail Polish

Ew!  You don’t want your friends to see your nails like this!  The color is fine, but the nails are not!  You should clean your nails and put a new coat on whenever they look bad.

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010


High-Waisted Skirts

Here, Lauren Conrad is wearing a high-waisted skirt with a tight tank-top.  When you wear a high-waisted skirt, you should pair it with a tight top so you can wear it with a chunky necklace (not a long one) and bracelets.  If you want, a floral high-waisted skirt can look good with a baggy striped tee.

Pretty Little Liars

A great new TV show(:

Pretty Little Liars, or PLL, is a very popular new TV show about four girls who try to discover their friend’s death – or being alive.  Alison haunts the four girls as they try to figure out the mystery.  PLL is a book series that was transformed into a TV show on ABC Family.

Leather Bracelets

An ah-dorable new trend!Leather bracelets are a new trend that is spreading ah-round!  They come with a button in the back so you can snap them off whenever you want.  This leather bracelet is meant to be personalized with your name in it.  I have one that I wear all the time – I take it awf I when I am going to take a shower or go swimming.  Your really nawt supposed to get it wet because it is leather.


Jean Skirts

This old look is out for the rest of the summer – more flowy dresses and skirts, sundresses too, are more IN.  They are very girly and feminine and are very comfortable!


As popular as Glee was when it first aired, it is OUT until the new season starts.  I really do nawt watch it that much, so I do nawt know when it will start airing ah-gain.

Silly Bandz

“Oooh! I’ll trade you the Hippo for the Flamingo!” Well, these bracelets are OUT for sure.  As cute as the little turtle was, and as hard as you tried to convince your friend to trade for the bunny, well, this clump of color awn your wrist is just hideous.  Give ah-way your animals and shapes to your little brother, cause simpler bracelets such as leather ones are more IN.


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