Hey, all you RPing Alicia Riveras.

Are you tired of your old PC?  Need to join a new PC?  Well, TOPC is currently looking for a new Alicia!  I will nawt disclose the reasons our Alicia is out of TOPC.

So, check out the application page an send me an e-mail if you want to apply as Alicia Rivera!  You know you want to!



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  1. Victoire says:

    Oh my gawd. I’m SO SORRY!!!! I just signed onto my Alicia account and saw your comment…I’m so sorry I didn’t update. I guess I was too busy…I hope you find another Alicia! I just didn’t update because I didn’t see you updating as much. I’m still very sorry, and I hope you forgive me. Maybe we can still be friends Out Of Character?

  2. i would be your alicia but im already massie block’s ( the real massie block’s) alicia. You can stop being a poser and give it up. please come be our dylan. Or kuh-laire. We already have a kristen,alicia(duh!),and massie.

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