My Wetpaint Sites!

Hey Girlies(:

Sawree for nawt posting as ThePrettyCommitteeAlpha lately! I have been EXTREMELY busy!  So, this post is ah-bout my Wetpaint sites!  I don’t know if any of you girlies have one, but leave a comment if you do!  I will check it out and leave a comment of what I think(:

So, one of mine is:

But, I did find another ah-dorable RP site, called St. Catherine’s Prep!

So, check them out and become members!  They both don’t have many members yet, so please join!  Send in an application to fashionguruxo to see what ah-dorable dorm, or hid-e-ous dorm you get!



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2 Responses to My Wetpaint Sites!

  1. Teri Jacklyn says:

    cute blog :) I have a new post up :)

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