The Clique Models

Hey girlies!

I have hu-uge news for you!  You know the models on The Clique Series, Bratfest at Tiffany’s and on?  Well, I did some research (give the Alpha her props ;) and found out who they are (all but Kuh-laire)!  I don’t know if you girls already knew, but for the ones who didn’t, here they are!

Massie: Tsarina Merrin (Where I Found The Picture)

Dylan: Kara Gonchar (Where I Found The Picture)

Alicia: Samantha Betzag (Where I Found The Picture)

Kristen: Emily Essig (Where I Found The Picture)

PS – Sorry for all you Kuh-laire fans!  I couldn’t find her name! :(

Credit For Getting The Models Names:

So, which model do you think best represents their character?  Leave a comment of what you think!



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2 Responses to The Clique Models

  1. Rae says:

    SUCH a cuute blog! (:

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