Dear Everyone,

I am dearly sorry for saying this, but I am quitting role playing for good.  I am only going to have one blog.  OOC.  My first post will explain everything.  I am sorry to all whom I entered in my contest and my enter Pretty Committee.  I truly love all of my fans whom have been with my the past month.  No one knows how painful this decision is to make, but it’s the right one.



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The Best Clique That Ever Lived …

Hey girlies(: It’s finally here!  And it’s bigger than Brad Pitt shaving his beard! :)

Basically the title explains what the contest is going to be.  But I am going to tell you the rest, ah-viously.  EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE is going to be entered in this cawpetition. Everyone’s blah-gs have been looked at within the past week.  Even if you don’t role-play, you are going to be entered.  For example, there will be best Out Of Character blah-g, most organized blah-g, and more.  But, you have to vote for your favorite blah-g to win.  The winners of each category (they will be added soon) will be awarded with being advertised in each of my posts for the next month and will be added to the GLU list automatically.  Any other perks that I think are suitable will be added later.


http://www.officialmassieblockblahg.wordpress.com (Me)

www.askmassieblock.wordpress.com (Definitely in the competition!)

www.massiekurx.wordpress.com (Definitely in the competition!)

www.missmassieblockxo.wordpress.com (Waiting to hear back from!)

www.massiexkur.wordpress.com (Waiting to hear back from!)

www.imassiekur4ever.wordpress.com (Definitely in the Competition!)

www.thealphamassieblockblahg.wordpress.com (Waiting to hear back from!)

www.officialmassieblog.wordpress.com (Waiting to hear back from!)

www.massieblock94.wordpress.com (Waiting to hear back from!)

www.officialmassieelizabethblock.wordpress.com (Waiting to hear back from!)


www.theonlineprettycommitteesalicia.wordpress.com (My Alicia)

www.aliciaofficialrivera.wordpress.com (Definitely in the Competition!)

www.missleesh.wordpress.com (Waiting to Hear Back From!)

www.iholagrrl4ever.wordpress.com (Waiting to Hear Back From!)

www.withlovealiciarivera.wordpress.com (Definitely in the Competition!)


www.dylanmarvilloves.wordpress.com (My Dylan)

www.xxdylmarvilousxx.wordpress.com (Waiting to Hear Back From!)

www.realdylanmarvil.wordpress.com (Definitely in the Competition!)

www.dylanmarvillove.wordpress.com (Waiting to hear back from!)

www.ibigredhead4ever.wordpress.com (Waiting to hear back from!)

www.dylpicklemarvil.wordpress.com (Waiting to hear back from!)



www.kristengregory27.wordpress.com (My Kristen)

www.xosexysportsbabe.wordpress.com (Definitely in the Competition!)

www.krisgregory.wordpress.com (Waiting to hear back from!)

www.kristengregory23.wordpress.com (Waiting to hear back from!)

www.krisgregoryxo.wordpress.com (Waiting to hear back from!)


www.clairestaceylyons.wordpress.com (My Claire)

www.cutieclairex10.wordpress.com (Waiting to hear back from!)

www.clairelyons73.wordpress.com (Waiting to hear back from!)

OOC Blah-gs:











My idea for this competition came from http://www.officialmassieelizabethblock.wordpress.com – credit goes to her!


Once I get everyone to get back to me if they definitely want to be in the competition, I will make the other categories.  I am awlso going to add a page on this blah-g dedicated to this cawmpetition.  If I did nawt add your blah-g or website on this list, please leave a cawment telling me that you want to join!  This took ah-lawt of work – even though it doesn’t look like it – I searched through practically every clique RP blah-g to find people for this cawmpetition.  I am sawree if I did nawt add your blah-g.  And lastly – if you are entered and the rest of your PC is nawt, leave a cawment and I will add the rest of them.

Next …

http://www.theofficialmassieblockblahg.wordpress.com (my Massie ah-count) will be starting a newsletter!

If you would like to receive this newsletter, which will be sent out every Saturday, please cawmnet awn this post!  I have ah-lawt of people awlready in my contacts in my e-mail, so I will be sending to those people awlso.

I awlso updated the CSOTU! I am VERY sawree for nawt updating that – for some reason WP would nawt let me save when I would edit the page.  I am adding more Polls, so be sure to check them out, too!  I might add a new quiz, but I am nawt sure if I am going to add them to this blah-g or my Massie blah-g.



(5 Stars for ah-dorable signiture!)

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Short Post!

Hey girlies! AH-LAWT will be posted tomorrow! Polls, quizzes, THE CAWNTEST, and more! Sawree for such a short post!


Massie Block

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MIA from 7/30 – 8/4!

Hey girlies, I have some disappointing news …

I am going to be awn vacation from tomorrow (July 31st) to August 4th.  The cawntest will be posted when I get back – I don’t want to rush and mess it up tonight with questions and cawments ah-bout anything.  Awlso – if you DEFINITELY want to be in the competition, cawment bellow!  I will make sure that you’re blah-gs name is in the post explaining the competition.

Awlso, I have MAJOR gawsipp points.  I don’t know if everyone knows iMassieKur – but her blah-g is http://www.imassiekur4ever.wordpress.com.  I did nawt do this discovery, but http://www.ginalayla.wordpress.com did!  iMassieKur is RPing as her entire clique! But, Gina has proof.  The IP addressed to the blah-gs are awl the same!  Which means the same person is blah-gging for each blah-g!  And, you can kinda tell she was posing as her entire clique cause they awl had similar blah-g names and stuff.  Sawree iMassieKur!  BUSTED!



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Hey, all you RPing Alicia Riveras.

Are you tired of your old PC?  Need to join a new PC?  Well, TOPC is currently looking for a new Alicia!  I will nawt disclose the reasons our Alicia is out of TOPC.

So, check out the application page an send me an e-mail if you want to apply as Alicia Rivera!  You know you want to!



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My Wetpaint Sites!

Hey Girlies(:

Sawree for nawt posting as ThePrettyCommitteeAlpha lately! I have been EXTREMELY busy!  So, this post is ah-bout my Wetpaint sites!  I don’t know if any of you girlies have one, but leave a comment if you do!  I will check it out and leave a comment of what I think(:

So, one of mine is:


But, I did find another ah-dorable RP site, called St. Catherine’s Prep!


So, check them out and become members!  They both don’t have many members yet, so please join!  Send in an application to fashionguruxo to see what ah-dorable dorm, or hid-e-ous dorm you get!



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I Gawt A Kuh-laire!

Newest Member of TOPC: Claire Lyons!


Check out her blah-g, it’s ah-dorable!  Also, TOPC is entered in the competition, The PC vs. PC.


Check it out! Give this post five stars if you want my TOPC to win!



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